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Funding - what possibilities do we have?

PostPosted: Sun 22. Jun 2014, 20:22
by lollisoft
Here I want to repeat the points I started within the FAQ making it an explicite topic.

Advertising it is probably the best way, but that will cost money. Also hosting the discussion will cost money - actually mine :D
So I want to bring up the following questions and in that order of importance.

How to fund the new dictionary or freecode alternative?

It may become an expensive thing! So don't underestimate the cost issue here. Why did the owner of the previous freshmeat offering cut down the serice? Cost - at the end.

Is croudfunding a way to keep it up and running?

We should think about this, but it may be bound to something like an official representative signing liable for the money collected. Beside the point we do not yet have any presentation video, the preparing of even this manerial will also cost money.

Should commercial products be allowed in the new open source dictionary?

This is a point, where I am thinking of. They may have the money. How can they support us? With money to get listed their software?
The point I like to make clear here, they do not get any advantage over open source offerings. This may simply a rule, not a hindrance.

Who should be able to announce new software and under what conditions?

All open source developers of corse, but also who want to offer support for their open source software (including me).
A rule may be if a software author - of open source software - offers services around it, may support the project by a minimal
amount calculated based upon the fee per service.

These are my points here I like to clarify at a first stage.

Personally I opted in a 250$ budget for the advertising of this project to get it up and rolling in the first time!
This may be the cost for the advertise, I hopefully not put too low, as I am not aware what it will cost in reality.
Also this will not include creating marketing materials.

Regards, Lothar behrens

Re: Funding - what possibilities do we have?

PostPosted: Sat 13. Feb 2016, 12:08
by admin
I would like to suggest another funding option: Patreon.

The site enables getting money for creatives that produce something other may like and give money for it.

But a rule points out that you are required to be creative in some sort by your self. So doing this for example for this site may not work.

I like to discuss this here. Please request an account from my impressum site if you do not be ablw to answer the captcha questions.


Or contact me via Twitter.

Regards, Lothar